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I think you have a bit of an overreaction. The thing is, the author wants to make a statement about this universe they have created. It is an oppressive regime that takes away the innocence of a child, or at worst a life, that keep the masses in fear. The more food they borrow, the more likely they will be picked. It is about coming from the poor and showing the upper class who's boss. (Especially in the end scene with Peeta and Katniss. "They don't have to have a winner.") As a society outside of the book, we don't condone these things by showing them on our screens and reading about them. You almost have to desensitize yourself in order to learn the message the series is trying to teach. You can't compare your morals regarding children death matches to this series because we didn't grow up where the Hunger Games looms annually. Instead, we have to look at it objectively and hopefully: better ourselves. Look at your nieces. There are two or more ways to interpret every story: Face value, where it is children in a death match for entertainment of the crowd. Or, with an analytical mind: a story of rags showing the upper class whose boss, and creating a revolution. A satire on how media in our world makes contestants in a dog-eat-dog world or for people to put themselves in danger for cheap media entertainment. (And many more ideas)


I found this video difficult to watch malniy because the people were so confused and affluent. Giving more money to someone will not guarantee that they will live out what God has planned for them. I felt sorry for them and would have liked to suggest to them that they give me some of their money and let me show them what to do with it. Seriously, I did not hear any of them speak about doing something for others or their moral beliefs.Interestingly, one of the interviewees mentioned how they went to a Christian school and was beaten up. I guess in that case his introduction to Christ was not a positive one. Some of the things that make the rich nervous also make poor nervous. The rich children worried about how to hold on to their money and the poor worry about how to get it. The rich are worried about someone knocking on their door saying you did not do something right, so now I am disowning you. The poor worry about someone knocking on their door saying your time is up and now you have to get out or bill collectors hounding them. There will always be worries that can overcome us when we live in a hollow life such as what was viewed.True freedom is knowing that God is in control and no matter what we see, these things are all temporal and we have a job to do. Seek the kingdom! All the other things will be added if we do the first step.These are just my thoughts..


Audio of Catholic bloggers panel at Catholic Media Convention


Earlier today I had the honor of attending the Catholic bloggers panel at the 2012 Catholic Media Convention in Indianapolis.

Among those that appeared on the panel: Rocco Palmo (Whispers in the Loggia)Bishop Christopher Coyne, Deacon Greg Kandra (Deacon's Bench), Monsignor Paul Tighe and Elizabeth Scalia (The Anchoress). Each addressed the issues of Catholic blogging in the 21st century and how they play a role in it.

There are lots of good issues at play, including how they interact with traditional media, what they choose to write about and how they foster community online and in the Catholic Church. In terms of internet religious power players, it doesn't get much bigger or better than this. You can follow my tweets on the Catholic blogger panel and now listen to the panel as well. I'm sorry that it starts just a minute or so into Elizabeth Scalia's talk. Enjoy the panel, which is nearly an hour in length.  



UPDATE: For those of you having trouble with seeing the SoundCloud, here are some individual audio files of the conference's blogger session on my new Audioboo page. I will be updating throughout the morning.

Also, read my blog on some of the bloggers asking if the Internet is bringing Catholics together.

6/22/2012 3:42:58 PM
By Matt Palmer