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Now I'm craving Chinese food AND deviled eggs! Ans it's almost midnight *sigh*. I'm the same way on holidays - I always have too much food. But no one complains about leftovers for a few days, either - LOL!


There doesn't have to be a division between the "personal" and the "political." I helped my 2nd grader read a book about chocolate as part of homeschooling. She was so upset about child slaves her age in West Africa, that she got our whole family to boycott non-Fair Trade Chocolate. Then she wrote a speech and delivered it to her 4-H club and a Catholic High School Youth Group. She got High School students to give up a trip to Hershey Park out of concern for hurting children in Africa. I work hard on environmental issues. It's a part of my life. I led a prayerful group to study Laudato Si, the same week I attended a public pipeline meeting that could affect the drinking water for Washington D.C, the same week I signed up my children to play at a club that has an ethnically diverse group of neighborhood kids. I am a Catholic woman. St. Teresa of Avila says we can talk to God easily while we wash the dishes. A lot of beautiful saints came out of Nazi Germany and one prayerful pope, Pope Benedict.