Wendy Stewart is a native of Baltimore and an adult convert to the Catholic Church. As a life coach and personal trainer, she works with families, children, and singles to bring together all aspects of their lives to be happy and healthy in body, mind and spirit. You can contact her for individual or group coaching at nutritioncoachwendy@yahoo.com.


June 2016
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That's a weak argument. If anyone want to limit access to his private life, then make a limited use of internet resources for personal issues. I'd like to point out that the IPhone is made in China and it is unlikely that the Chinese government has access to this, and any other, communication device manufactured in China. By making the IPhone in factories under the Chinese regime and denying the FBI access to the device, Apple empowers a government that endangers our future and hampers a government, with elected officials, willing to protect us.


Wendy, I am also of the Roman Catholic religion, all 67 years of my life. I cry for my neighbors also. I do not live in the city, but after all, we are all neighbors. I truly cry for those living in the neighborhoods like yours who live and work and abide by the law, who, as reported many times are afraid in their neighborhoods because of the drug dealers and gangs that rule those neighborhood streets making all around them afraid and unsafe in their own neighborhoods. I remember the Baltimore family that reported what was happening in their neighborhood and in the act of trying to protect their family and others, their house was set on fire and all members of their family perished. I believe in helping those who are truly needy, but I also believe there are the same opportunites for all in those areas of the city as all citizens of the city. There are those who choose to take advantage of those opportunities e.g. attending school and getting an education or finding an honest way to support themselves. I see many help wanted signs, so there are jobs available. I blame the city leadership from the top down for city schools' downfall. There are those e.g. previous mayor Sheila Dixon who choose to spend taxpayer money on what is good for them and their political agenda. Yes, I cry along with you. You make me proud for what I have just read about you and your service to our country. Why is your example not followed? I think that you have a family who teach their values and respect for all to their children. That is what I feel is necessary to help neighborhoods to rise above what we are experiencing now. My prayers go out to everyone affected and I pray that God has a plan for His good to come from this. Thank you for allowing me to air my feelings. Praying for you and the good work you do.


Your life in thirty seconds

If you had only 30 seconds to create a slideshow of who you are, which photos do you choose?

That was my first assignment for my Introduction to Mass Communications class. 

When I first saw the assignment, I assumed I would have to speak in the video. Not the case with Animoto, the free app/website I used for the project. All I had to do was pick the right photos and keep it to 30 seconds. I chose photos representing me performing comedy, having fun at Free Comic Book Day, and a few others to represent me to an online class full of strangers.

I thought it was an interesting experiment as it depended so heavily on photos – the very thing we use to capture memories, document an event, and shape how people view ideas, people and issues facing society.

How much of our view of the world is based on images supplied to us by the media? How much influence do bloggers like me have on forming your opinions based on our words and images?

If you can't tell, I find this subject very fascinating. But the point is really to see how much influence we allow the media to have in our lives. To do that, we really have to step outside of ourselves and separate what the media says as opposed to taking the time to really find out if you agree. We live in a world of sound bites and clips apologizing for taking the time to find out more or think about something for more than a minute.

I’m not writing this as a disillusioned mid-30s blogger (the curtain was pulled back long ago), rather as an insider. I’m an insider in this media world and it took a long time to accept. I have sway over opinions and have the privilege to take you into worlds you may never see. This makes me happy. It is my privilege to continue to write this blog and I hope you all keep enjoying it too!

Here is the short video I made for my communications class. Feel free to comment on this and my post below!

6/17/2016 11:58:00 AM
By Wendy Stewart