Wendy Stewart is a native of Baltimore and an adult convert to the Catholic Church. As a life coach and personal trainer, she works with families, children, and singles to bring together all aspects of their lives to be happy and healthy in body, mind and spirit. You can contact her for individual or group coaching at nutritioncoachwendy@yahoo.com.


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That's a weak argument. If anyone want to limit access to his private life, then make a limited use of internet resources for personal issues. I'd like to point out that the IPhone is made in China and it is unlikely that the Chinese government has access to this, and any other, communication device manufactured in China. By making the IPhone in factories under the Chinese regime and denying the FBI access to the device, Apple empowers a government that endangers our future and hampers a government, with elected officials, willing to protect us.


Wendy, I am also of the Roman Catholic religion, all 67 years of my life. I cry for my neighbors also. I do not live in the city, but after all, we are all neighbors. I truly cry for those living in the neighborhoods like yours who live and work and abide by the law, who, as reported many times are afraid in their neighborhoods because of the drug dealers and gangs that rule those neighborhood streets making all around them afraid and unsafe in their own neighborhoods. I remember the Baltimore family that reported what was happening in their neighborhood and in the act of trying to protect their family and others, their house was set on fire and all members of their family perished. I believe in helping those who are truly needy, but I also believe there are the same opportunites for all in those areas of the city as all citizens of the city. There are those who choose to take advantage of those opportunities e.g. attending school and getting an education or finding an honest way to support themselves. I see many help wanted signs, so there are jobs available. I blame the city leadership from the top down for city schools' downfall. There are those e.g. previous mayor Sheila Dixon who choose to spend taxpayer money on what is good for them and their political agenda. Yes, I cry along with you. You make me proud for what I have just read about you and your service to our country. Why is your example not followed? I think that you have a family who teach their values and respect for all to their children. That is what I feel is necessary to help neighborhoods to rise above what we are experiencing now. My prayers go out to everyone affected and I pray that God has a plan for His good to come from this. Thank you for allowing me to air my feelings. Praying for you and the good work you do.


I want privacy

As a tech geek and student of computer networking, I have been intrigued over the last few days regarding Apple defying a court order to unlock an iPhone. Not just any iPhone, but the iPhone 5C owned by one of the suspects from the San Bernardino shooting that left 14 dead.

What's the problem? The FBI can't get into the phone. In fact, one of the security features I love on Apple devices is the one thing keeping the FBI out in the cold. It's a feature you can enable to erase all of the contents on your phone after 10 unsuccessful attempts to log in. This is a great feature to have in case your device is lost or stolen (my primary concern). As great as it is (especially when combined with a complex passcode and Touch ID), who knows if the developers ever thought it would get in the way of a federal investigation?

The Department of Justice essentially wants Apple to create a way to hack the phone just this one time. As far as we know Apple would have to write the code to make this possible.

What if there's something? What if there's nothing? What if one more time turns into 500 more times because of national security? The promise of only one more time goes down the drain.

Thanks to media coverage and people such as Edward Snowden,  the public is much more aware of government surveillance. If Apple complies, many would see this as another way for the government to gain access to our private information. This “hack” into the iPhone could also cause the technology to fall into the wrong hands. Once the code is out there, neither Apple nor the federal government can control its use.

Maybe you think Apple should just do what the government asks in the name of national security and preventing further acts of violence. I see that side and I want to stay secure without any more intrusions to my privacy. I am not saying the government side is wrong or people who come down on that side are wrong. My opinion of the matter is very different. My opinion speaks to my own desire for some of the privacy I still have left without companies being forced to hack their own technology whenever someone in a position of power says so under the large blanket of national security.

Again, this is not me against the government or me against people who hold different opinions. I believe everyone involved is trying to do the right thing for the general public. If Apple agrees, will I no longer use Apple devices? Probably not. But I would extra careful with what information is allowed on my device.

What do you think? Have you ditched your smartphone already regain privacy? Would you stop using Apple products if the hack is created? Should the government have the authority to even make Apple comply?


2/25/2016 10:37:26 AM
By Wendy Stewart