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Thank you, Allison! You are much too kind! I had seen the idea of picking a person to pray for every day on another blog and LOVED it!


YOu always come up with the greatest ideas!! Those lucky boys!! #RockStarMom


7 Quick Takes Friday: Our Lenten prayer basket, Wawa's for dinner, bunnies, flextangles, and efficiency at the dentist's office


So far, my favorite Lenten activity this year is our prayer basket. Drawing a name out every morning is so exciting. And, by exciting, I mean we argue over whose turn it is. That’s when you know a prayer basket is a success, right? When people are arguing every morning?

I have especially enjoyed letting people know we were praying for them on a particular day—until today when I forgot to tell my parents they were our intention. So they will find out when they read this post.

I hope we can continue this activity (inspired by this post) with the same energy all of Lent.


The other day I looked at our evening plans and realized Daniel had a Cub Scouts meeting that night.

“I guess we’ll just have to stop at Wawa for dinner,” I said.

The boys were so excited because they love Wawa’s soup.

We were still late for Cub Scouts because who can be on time for a dinnertime meeting? Well, apparently everyone else in the pack, but not this Wawa-loving family. We carried in a cup of chicken noodle soup and a soft pretzel, and Daniel ate as the meeting got underway.

Next meeting I get to bring the snack. Wawa for everyone?


We had the loveliest weather this week until it got horribly cold. It’s still beautiful, but it’s more like winter. We might even get real snow next week.

But while we were thinking spring, we bought some seed packets.

We have never had much luck harvesting anything because the neighborhood rabbits always beat us to it. But maybe this will be the year we can find a way to keep some for ourselves.


Speaking of bunnies, Daniel and I came across these sweet bunnies a few weeks ago and snagged them for a gift. Aren’t they just adorable? I thought he might not be willing to hand them over to Grandma, but he was proud to give them to her.

We could have held onto them for Easter, but I often buy gifts and forget about them, so we figured we would deliver them early.


Leo likes folding paper into airplanes and origami and fortune tellers. But I had never heard of flextangles until I saw a post from The Mass Box, which I shared on my Facebook page

It wasn’t easy for Leo to do, and we had to find another, slower video on flextangles so he would know how to fold it. But it worked, even though the video he used was in another language. And he wants to try more, but we have to do a little hunting to find some that are free like this one.


I had to reschedule one of the boys’ dentist appointments, and the rescheduled appointment landed on the same day as the other one. Somehow both boys were called into separate rooms almost at the exact same time, so we ended up having both of their dental procedures at once.

I felt a little torn bouncing between the rooms to assure each boy that he was being brave, sitting so still, doing such a wonderful job. But I also felt so efficient fitting in both appointments at the same time. And that was even before we realized one of the boys had to have a tooth pulled, and the dentist offered to do it on the spot, saving us a third appointment.

To celebrate, we stopped at a store, and the boys each picked out a little reward.


When your son tells you that he loves your husband more than he loves you, you think, “How sweet.”

Then he says, “But I love my bathrobe most of all.”

Find more quick takes at Kelly’s blog, This Ain’t the Lyceum. Have a wonderful weekend!

3/10/2017 9:12:56 PM
By Rita Buettner