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“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” After struggling with infertility, my husband and I were blessed to adopt our two sons from China. I’m a working mother who writes about family fun and faith. Oh, and I own hundreds of flyswatters. Join me on Twitter, say hello at, or follow me on Facebook


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Thank you, Allison! You are much too kind! I had seen the idea of picking a person to pray for every day on another blog and LOVED it!


YOu always come up with the greatest ideas!! Those lucky boys!! #RockStarMom


Why we choose Catholic schools: A letter to our son (and a blog linkup)

It’s Catholic Schools Week! Hooray for Catholic schools! This year I invited other bloggers to share their posts on why we love Catholic schools. You'll find their blogs below. I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts on and experiences with Catholic schools.

A letter to our son as he gets ready for kindergarten

Dear Daniel,

Next year most of your friends will be going to public school. You wonder why you won't be at the same schools they are going to. Public schools are nice schools with good teachers, and your friends will probably be happy. Many of them will ride school buses—which I know you’d love. You’ll all learn how to read and write stories and do math and science.

But your school will be a little different. You’ll be going to a Catholic school. And so, along with everything else you learn, you’ll be learning something extra, and in a different kind of place.

In your Catholic school you’ll learn about God and how much He loves you. You’ll talk to Jesus throughout the day. You’ll dress as a saint for All Saints Day. You’ll go to Mass. When something bad happens in the world or someone dies, you’ll be able to talk about it and pray about it.

Your father and I hope our faith will always bring you comfort and strength.

You’ll also learn about serving others. You’ll make cheese sandwiches and bring in canned goods for people who are hungry. You’ll collect money for blankets to send to people in need. You’ll see that you can make a difference in our world through both prayer and action.

You’ll be a member of a community that works together and looks out for one another. When you’re in middle school, you’ll help set up chairs for assemblies, and you’ll be a buddy to a kindergartener yourself. But let’s not rush things here.

Yes, you can get a good education without going to a Catholic school. You can also learn to love God without going to a Catholic school. What your father and I want most for you, however, is for you to grow up to be a man with a good heart, a love for others and Jesus.

We are so blessed to have you as our son, and we want you to become all God wants you to be. And we believe your Catholic school will help us give you all that and more.



1/24/2015 11:50:05 PM
By Rita Buettner