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CM, you can tell my sister that I was sort of the sacristan? I was flipping the pages in the book and telling the Cat what to say, so I just skipped past the homily. I was surprised I pulled it off too. Thank goodness we are still learning to read here! Love the idea of a playdoh host. Very creative. We were lucky that the Liturgy of the Word had some great readings yesterday. I mean biting snakes? That's tough to top.


This mass looks organized and well-attended. I am impressed! I did the same thing as a child, but they were impromptu, private affairs, and half the time I only covered the liturgy of the eucharist. Also, the host was an inedible circlet of white play doh. Your sister wants me to ask the following on her behalf: "how did she skip the homily if she wasn't working the cat?"