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First of all, it depends on where you live. If you live in a solidly red or blue state (like Maryland) that's bound to go for one of the candidates, your third-party/write-in vote won't tip the scales. You should feel free to cast whichever vote seems most moral to you. Secondly, even if you live in a swing state where your vote might tip the scales -- you should still cast whichever vote seems most moral to you. It's your vote and you're the one who will ultimately be held accountable for it. You might decide that stopping Clinton is the most moral choice you can make, you might decide that stopping Trump is. You might decide (like I am) that you're done casting votes for highly morally problematic people, period. It's your responsibility to form your conscience well and then to cast your vote in accordance with it. But third, you're totally right about the Catch-22. This election should be forever known as The One That Was a Catch-22. Or, The One Where (Almost) Nobody Liked Anybody.


I think you're right, Mary. You might know/remember that we had a situation here in Maryland a few years ago where a man with a developmental disability was killed as police tried to apprehend him. It's got to be incredibly difficult for police officers to judge how to proceed in such situations; surely improved training regarding people with mental illness and developmental disabilities would help.