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If you don't like worshiping with children, I am sure that you can find many parishes that have few or no young families. Enjoy them while you can, for they will be closing soon.


I have three children and we are at Mass every week. One jumps at the opportunity to head to Children's Liturgy of the Word, the older one prefers to stay in Mass to listen (he makes his First Communion in a few weeks), and the youngest stays with us, as well. It is quite disheartening to see this many negative comments about being "where we belong." We belong at church, in Mass, learning how, despite our many imperfections, we are loved and welcomed by God unconditionally. We do not go to the Children's Chapel where many children are left to run and yell and we do not seek to be "friends" to our children. We are there to grow and learn-along with everyone else at Mass, young and old.