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Hi Chris, we're still making waves down here in Florida -- well, some of us are! Happy Easter to you, family and staff. Henry Libersat


Thanks, Chris, for the information...I'm going to note the gelateria, and stop there when I'm in Rome this fall!


This is the day!

A dawn of a new day and throngs are heading to St. Peter's Square. Singing, waving flags and generally being tolerant of the direction of the gendarmes and carabinieri who point the way. Some try for a short cut, only to be pointed back the way they came when they hit another blocked street.

From my vantage point now, on top of the collonade -- Bernini's great colmns shaped like "arms" that embrace Piazza San Pietro -- the Square and Via della Conciliazzione are filling up in anticipation of the 10 am Mass, two and a half hours from now. From Vatican City, Christopher Gunty The Catholic Review

5/1/2011 1:27:30 AM
By Christopher Gunty