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Be ready with God’s weaponry; devil is real, pope says
Oct 30 2014
Christian life is a constant battle against the devil, who is not the stuff of legend, but really exists, the pope said.

‘Don’t give up hope’: Archbishop responds to woman’s suicide plan
Oct 29 2014
Archbishop Alexander K. Sample of Portland says the Oregon law puts forward illusion and confusion.

Pope: Evolution, Big Bang do not push aside God, who set it in motion
Oct 29 2014
The Big Bang theory and evolution do not eliminate the existence of God, the pope said.

Pope urges activists to struggle against ‘structural causes’ of poverty
Oct 28 2014
“I’ve said and I repeat: a home for every family,” Pope Francis said. “Family and shelter go hand in hand.”

Philadelphia priest arrested on child pornography charges, put on leave
Oct 27 2014
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia called the charges “serious and disturbing."

Texas nurse released from NIH, thanks God and doctors for recovery
Oct 27 2014
Pham held a news conference in Bethesda after she was declared virus-free.

Bludgeoned’ by all sides, family needs church for help, pope says
Oct 27 2014
The family is under attack now more than ever because of today’s culture of division, Pope Francis said.

Olive harvest at Garden of Gethsemane unites faithful with Christ
Oct 26 2014
The Franciscan fathers have tended to eight of what are believed to be the oldest olive trees in the Holy Land.

‘Without God, you can do nothing,’ says Scottish singer Susan Boyle
Oct 25 2014
If you think singing in front of Simon Cowell would be terrifying - well, you’re not far wrong.

App brings God into digital environment, creates ‘space’ for meditation
Oct 25 2014
PeaceQuest is an immersive 3-D app designed to take users on a spiritual journey.