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Pope hails Colombia peace accord, briefly comments on 'Brexit'
Jun 24 2016
The decision of English voters to leave the EU "was the will expressed by the people," the pope said.

Supreme Court tie vote blocks temporary plan to stop deportations
Jun 23 2016
Religious leaders were quick to denounce the court’s action as a setback for immigrant families.

Benedict shows core of priesthood is being ‘immersed in God,’ pope says
Jun 22 2016
Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to retire represents one of the most important lessons he gives the world’s priests, Pope Francis said.

‘God is here to grieve with us,’ says priest aiding grieving families in Orlando
Jun 20 2016
Father Jorge Torres admits he has shed a lot of tears since June 12.

Priest born deaf urges sacraments for children with disabilities
Jun 19 2016
All children have a right to religious education and access to the sacraments, said a priest who was born deaf and became blind.

Too many couples do not understand marriage is for life, pope says
Jun 17 2016
Many marriages today can be considered invalid, Pope Francis said.

Patriarch urges leaders to attend pan-Orthodox meeting
Jun 16 2016
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople called on his brother patriarchs and primates of the Orthodox churches to honor their commitments and join him for the Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church.

Last priest who was imprisoned in Dachau camp dies
Jun 15 2016
Father Hermann Scheipers, the last surviving priest who was imprisoned in the notorious Dachau prison camp, died June 2 in his North Rhine hometown of Ochtrup, Germany, at age 102.

We must recognize dignity of all, Orlando bishop says at prayer vigil
Jun 14 2016
“Our presence here tonight is a symbol of hope. We come to pray,” said Bishop Noonan.

Family petitions N.Y. court to move body of Archbishop Sheen to Peoria
Jun 14 2016
Bishop Jenky is “immensely grateful” and looks forward to the resumption of Archbishop Sheen’s beatification and canonization cause.