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Catholic college presidents pledge support for students with DACA status
Dec 01 2016
More than 70 presidents at Catholic colleges and universities have signed a statement pledging their support for students attending their schools who are legally protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

Advancing the freedom to serve
Nov 30 2016
In the wake of the national elections, Catholic News Service is posting a series of columns from leading archbishops on key issues facing the church and the new Trump administration.

Pope meets Martin Scorsese after director screens 'Silence' for Jesuits
Nov 30 2016
The morning after screening his film, "Silence," for about 300 Jesuits, the U.S. director Martin Scorsese had a private audience with Pope Francis.

Father Kolvenbach, former Jesuit superior, dies in Beirut
Nov 29 2016
Jesuit Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, whose service as superior general of the Society of Jesus marked a return to normal governance after a period of tension with the Vatican, died in Beirut Nov. 26.

Revelers in Little Havana seek new future for Cuba after Castro’s death
Nov 28 2016
The death of Fidel Castro ends a very painful history for Cubans in exile and on the island.

Pope speaks to Jesuits about discernment, vocations, poverty
Nov 28 2016
Calling clericalism “one of the most serious illnesses that the church has,” the pope said it also is a violation of the vow and spirit of poverty.

Pope, archbishop express condolences over Fidel Castro’s death
Nov 26 2016
Pope Francis sent a telegram in Spanish to Cuba expressing condolences over the “sad news” of “the death of your dear brother” to Raul Castro, who currently rules the island

HHS contraceptive mandate in limbo awaiting action by new administration
Nov 25 2016
The Little Sisters of the Poor and others have been cautiously breathing a sigh of relief since the presidential election.

New quake, tsunami spotlight Japanese bishops' anti-nuclear stance
Nov 22 2016
A strong subsea earthquake triggered a tsunami alert along Japan's northeastern Pacific coast at dawn Nov. 22, sending residents running.

Pope extends special Year of Mercy provisions on confession
Nov 21 2016
Pope Francis formally gave all priests permanent permission to grant absolution to those who confess to having procured an abortion.

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