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Ethics must guide medical research, protect human dignity, pope says
Apr 29 2016
Moral and ethical concerns must guide medical research so it will always be at the service of protecting human life and dignity, Pope Francis said.

Suspects arrested in alleged plot against Vatican, Israeli embassy
Apr 29 2016
Italian authorities arrested six suspects who allegedly received orders from the Islamic State terrorist group to attack the Vatican.

Ryan says he was ‘wrong’ about views on poor in latest talk at Georgetown
Apr 28 2016
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Republicans strive for a country that is “open, diverse, dynamic” in a speech at Georgetown University.

After job-swap show, Irish street cleaner pledges help to Filipinos
Apr 28 2016
Crosbie has maintained weekly contact with his host family and set up a charity drive to raise funds for the wider community that took him in.

Georgia teacher marries beau with her second-graders in the front row
Apr 27 2016
Monsignor Corbett said “marriage really is a school of love,” explaining that it is the sacramental way to love each other more deeply.

Pope says pastors must ‘serve, not use’ laypeople
Apr 27 2016
Pastors are not conceding anything to the laity by recognizing their role in bringing the Gospel to the world; the laity are just as much members of “holy, faithful people of God” as the clergy, the pope said.

Ohio seminary approves changes to strengthen admissions process
Apr 25 2016
Three initiatives designed to strengthen the admissions process at the Pontifical College Josephinum have been approved by the school's board of trustees.

When it comes to happiness, there’s no app for that, pope tells teens
Apr 25 2016
Youth from around the world flocked to Rome for a special Year of Mercy event for teens aged 13-16.

Turnout at vigils for murdered priest testament to his love, commitment
Apr 24 2016
In the days Father Rene Robert was listed as missing, the faithful gathered at two churches for prayer vigils.

Inquiry into Dorothy Day's life next step in sainthood cause
Apr 23 2016
A canonical inquiry into the life of Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, will begin soon and extend to the end of the year.