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Five judges write rare dissent over court's decision not to take appeal
Sep 04 2015
Five federal judges on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote a rare dissent from the majority's decision not to re-hear an appeal of a July ruling against the Little Sisters of the Poor over the contraceptive mandate in employee health insurance.

Pope visits optician in Rome’s shopping district, catches crowd’s eye
Sep 04 2015
Pope Francis created a spectacle when he headed to Rome’s posh shopping district to make a surprise visit to his optician.

Trip through Central Park added to pope’s New York itinerary
Sep 02 2015
Pope Francis will get a glimpse of leafy Central Park and thousands of waving New Yorkers Sept. 25.

Contemplate, give thanks, protect: Pope Francis prays for creation
Sep 01 2015
During the first World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Pope Francis led prayers for protecting creation.

Texas parish thrilled to have pope as surprise guest at ABC town hall
Sep 01 2015
Texas parishioners interacted with Pope Francis during town hall meeting hosted by ABC News.

For Year of Mercy, pope extends possibilities for absolution
Sep 01 2015
In an extraordinary gesture for the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has extended to priests worldwide the authority to absolve women for the sin of abortion.

Eleven cardinals urge maintaining church rules on marriage
Aug 31 2015
Eleven cardinals have urged fellow church leaders to maintain the church’s rules regarding marriage and strengthen Catholic education about marriage and family life.

Ingrid Bergman: Portrayer of nuns and saints, but much more
Aug 31 2015
The centennial of Ingrid Bergman's birth has spurred lavish retrospectives of the Swedish-born actress' films worldwide.

New Orleans Archdiocese: Forever changed by Hurricane Katrina
Aug 29 2015
They are calling it "Kat 10" - Hurricane Katrina plus 10 years - which carries with it the double meaning of an ominous meteorological warning.

Discovery of refugee bodies should awaken Europe, says Vienna cardinal
Aug 29 2015
Austrian church leaders react to the discovery of dozens of dead refugees on a truck near Vienna.