Letters To The Editor


Father Doyle’s claim of anti-Muslim bias unwarranted
Apr 01 2016
I found Father Kenneth Doyle’s column, “Resettling Muslims” (CR, March) condescending and demeaning.

Displeased by advertisement in the Catholic Review
Feb 03 2016
It would be deeply concerning if readers of the Catholic Review were left with the impression that the church were more aligned with a particular political ideology.

Praise for new Review
Feb 01 2016
I am happy to report that I have found nuggets that make the Catholic Review a better reference for me and my family.

Criticism of NRA misguided
Nov 17 2015
A response to "Incongruent positions".

Listening to the synod and the pastoral mission
Oct 28 2015
Like Mary, may we walk in faith, not knowing where God's Holy Spirit leads us, but trusting in his abiding love, care and fidelity.

Incongruent positions
Oct 28 2015
If you want my vote, work to change the gun situation in the U.S. and show me that you can stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby.

Appalled by vote on child protection legislation
Oct 23 2015
It is appalling that our representatives voted not to protect a child who is born alive.

Is this our new catechism?
Oct 23 2015
Should guns be in hands of the mentally unstable? Of course not, but thinking that more gun regulations will magically solve society’s moral problems is equally insane.

Concern for the poor
Aug 04 2015
How much of the Vatican’s overflowing budget and assets go to help the poor?

Praise for pastoral letter
Jul 01 2015
Archbishop William E. Lori’s pastoral, letter “A Light Brightly Visible,” is an excellent message to all Catholics. It is an easily read and understandable message.