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After death penalty repeal passes Senate, MCC tells House to move bill ‘across finish line’
Mar 06 2013
The Maryland Catholic Conference called the Senate passage of a bill to repeal the state’s death penalty March 6 “a momentous vote.”

Death penalty repeal, gun control in State House spotlight
Mar 05 2013
The Maryland Catholic Conference was optimistic a bill to repeal Maryland’s death penalty would soon pass the Senate.

Center for Pregnancy Concerns opens first west Baltimore site in Arbutus
Feb 18 2013
As thousands of Ravens fans celebrated the Super Bowl win with a parade and rallies Feb. 4, another milestone was commemorated on East Street, as the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns held a grand opening for its fourth center.

State officials examining death that is allegedly tied to Germantown abortion clinic
Feb 15 2013
Pro-life groups held a vigil and press conference Feb. 11 near the Germantown office of abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, offering prayers for a 29-year-old woman who, along with her unborn baby, died, allegedly after undergoing a late-term abortion last week at the upper Montgomery County abortion facility.

Archbishop Lori advocates repeal, says death penalty offers ‘a tragic illusion’
Feb 14 2013
Archbishop William E. Lori testified to support repeal of Maryland’s death penalty Feb. 14.

Death penalty repeal advocates think 2013 is the year, but not all Catholics agree
Feb 04 2013
For years, death penalty repeal advocates have been working to abolish capital punishment in the state.

Forty years after Roe v. Wade, young lead the fight for life
Jan 25 2013
Young people from the Archdiocese of Baltimore were among the thousands marching for life Jan. 25.

Young to old participate in annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.
Jan 25 2013
Area schools are among those participating in the annual March for Life.

Pro-lifer says activism has shown her ‘despair’ in abortion ‘mindset’
Jan 17 2013
Pro-life activist Lila Rose was a just child when she first became aware of the tragedy of abortion.

Transplant recipient helps others embrace life
Jan 17 2013
Rose Stelmack received a liver transplant in her early 50s.

Governor, NAACP push death penalty repeal in Maryland
Jan 15 2013
Statistics show the death penalty doesn't deter violent crime, involves racial bias and is a poor investment of criminal justice funding.

Curley men among students attending March for Life
Jan 09 2013
The Baltimore all-male high school hopes to send 80 students to the march on the National Mall Jan. 25.

Recent Loyola Blakefield grad gives the gift of life to 8-year-old stranger
Nov 29 2012
Austin Luera had just begun his first semester at the University of South Carolina when the 18-year-old Loyola Blakefield graduate learned that his bone marrow was a match for an 8-year-old boy battling leukemia.

Love and loss: IND president finds love again
Jul 25 2012
One year and three weeks after her husband died, Mary Funke became acutely aware that she was alone during a Halloween party.

Altoona-Johnstown bishop eulogizes Paterno as ‘good Catholic,’ friend
Jan 23 2012
ALTOONA, Pa. – Although Joe Paterno will be remembered as “a legend throughout our region and throughout our country,” Bishop Mark L. Bartchak said the iconic football coach will be best remembered in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown as “a good Catholic, a family man and a friend to many.”