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Playing God, Part 2: Church a strong supporter of stem-cell research, just not with embryos
May 05 2013
Linda Kosinski, 43, was in need of a bone marrow transplant in 2007.

Mother’s Day holds special meaning for new mom
May 03 2013
Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it takes on new meaning for me this year because it’s my first as a mother.

After decades of Catholic activism, death penalty repeal becomes law in Maryland
May 02 2013
Gov. Martin J. O’Malley signed into law May 2 a bill repealing the state’s death penalty, making Maryland the 18th state to outlaw capital punishment.

Johns Hopkins’ pro-life club fighting for official recognition
Apr 08 2013
Andrew Guernsey anticipated some push-back when he sought to resurrect The Johns Hopkins University's pro-life organization.

Allowing over-counter sale of contraceptives to all ages ‘simply wrong’
Apr 08 2013
An April 5 decision by a New York federal judge to lift age limits on purchases of over-the-counter emergency contraceptives should be “appealed and overturned,” according to an official of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Good Friday pilgrims pray for life outside Baltimore abortion clinic
Mar 29 2013
Catholics prayed the rosary outside a Planned Parenthood on March 29.

Bills before Legislature to mandate abortion stat collection, prohibit late abortions
Mar 21 2013
Maryland does not know its teen pregnancy rate. It’s a fact that confounds Nancy Paltell, associate director for respect life at the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC).

State March for Life draws hundreds to Annapolis after 40 years of legal abortion
Mar 13 2013
Marchers observed the state's annual March for Life March 11 in Annapolis.

Consumerist conception
Mar 10 2013
In addition to unleashing uncertain genetic consequences, assisted reproductive technologies including egg and sperm donation carry other medical and emotional consequences for the donors and the resulting children.

Making babies: In vitro fertilization’s Pandora’s Box
Mar 10 2013
Despite the church’s teaching against assisted reproductive technology, Catholics are among those turning to IVF as an answer to infertility.

After death penalty repeal passes Senate, MCC tells House to move bill ‘across finish line’
Mar 06 2013
The Maryland Catholic Conference called the Senate passage of a bill to repeal the state’s death penalty March 6 “a momentous vote.”

Death penalty repeal, gun control in State House spotlight
Mar 05 2013
The Maryland Catholic Conference was optimistic a bill to repeal Maryland’s death penalty would soon pass the Senate.

Center for Pregnancy Concerns opens first west Baltimore site in Arbutus
Feb 18 2013
As thousands of Ravens fans celebrated the Super Bowl win with a parade and rallies Feb. 4, another milestone was commemorated on East Street, as the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns held a grand opening for its fourth center.

State officials examining death that is allegedly tied to Germantown abortion clinic
Feb 15 2013
Pro-life groups held a vigil and press conference Feb. 11 near the Germantown office of abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, offering prayers for a 29-year-old woman who, along with her unborn baby, died, allegedly after undergoing a late-term abortion last week at the upper Montgomery County abortion facility.

Archbishop Lori advocates repeal, says death penalty offers ‘a tragic illusion’
Feb 14 2013
Archbishop William E. Lori testified to support repeal of Maryland’s death penalty Feb. 14.