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U.S. abortion rate at its lowest since 1973 Supreme Court ruling
Jan 18 2017
The U.S. abortion rate is down to its lowest level since the Supreme Court made abortion legal virtually on demand in 1973.

Infant safe after being found abandoned at Minnesota cathedral
Jan 06 2017
A newborn child found on the doorstep of a cathedral was in good health and being cared for by local children’s services officials.

When a mother loses a child, reach out with tears, not words, pope says
Jan 04 2017
In the depths of despair, when no words or gestures will help, then cry with those who suffer, Pope Francis said.

Assisted suicide back before Maryland General Assembly
Dec 20 2016
As the state legislature considers for the third successive year legalizing physician-assisted suicide in Maryland, 2017 may see the largest push yet by proponents.

Ohio governor signs 20-week abortion ban, vetoes ‘heartbeat’ measure
Dec 14 2016
The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, or SB 127, becomes law 90 days after the Dec. 13 signing

Swiss bishop to priests: No last rites for patients seeking assisted suicide
Dec 10 2016
A Swiss bishop has instructed Catholic priests not to give last rites to people suspected of seeking assisted suicide, following a sharp rise in the practice in his country.

HHS contraceptive mandate in limbo awaiting action by new administration
Nov 25 2016
The Little Sisters of the Poor and others have been cautiously breathing a sigh of relief since the presidential election.

Pope extends special Year of Mercy provisions on confession
Nov 21 2016
Pope Francis formally gave all priests permanent permission to grant absolution to those who confess to having procured an abortion.

Diocese investigating priest over political video of fetus, altar use
Nov 09 2016
“We believe that no one who is pro-life can exploit a human body for any reason, especially the body of a fetus,” said Bishop Zurek.

Frederick County youths practice corporal works at New Cathedral Cemetery
Oct 31 2016
“I could be playing video games right now,” said Chris Kennedy, “but I chose to come down here because it’s the right thing to do.”

Court rules in favor of Archdiocese of Baltimore on free-speech case
Oct 07 2016
Archbishop William E. Lori praised an Oct. 4 ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland that found it a violation of free speech for the City of Baltimore to direct what pro-life pregnancy centers must say on signs posted on their property.

Scholars reaffirm Catholic teaching against artificial birth control
Sep 21 2016
A statement also said that to live out “God’s design for married love,” husbands and wives need “moral family planning methods.

Pope highlights sanctity of life in Year of Mercy visits
Sep 16 2016
Pope Francis wanted to give a strong sign of the importance of life from its first moment to its natural end.

Archbishop Lori dedicates new Women’s Care Center across from abortion facility
Aug 31 2016
"We’re here to bear witness by extending love and hospitality and caring to women, children and families,” Archbishop Lori said.

Chicago Archdiocese offers 12 weeks paid parental leave starting July 1
May 18 2016
The Archdiocese of Chicago will begin offering 12 weeks of paid parental leave to its staff beginning July 1.