Family Life


Court rules same-sex marriage legal nationwide
Jun 26 2015
In a landmark ruling, a divided Supreme Court June 26 said same-sex marriage is constitutional nationwide.

Pope tells parents to be mindful of children's suffering
Jun 24 2015
Continuing a series of talks about the family, the pope reflected on the hurts family members cause each other.

With Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan, it’s a family affair
Jun 15 2015
Comic actor Jim Gaffigan, who often includes references to his Catholic faith in his performances, is a close collaborator with his wife, Jeannie.

Love, quadrupled: Scott Family thrives at New All Saints
Jun 07 2015
The Scott Family thrives on love and faith at New All Saints in Liberty Heights.

Tips for caring for Alzheimer’s patients
Jun 06 2015
Dr. Verna Benner Carson offers tips for caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease.

This screen grab was taken from Matt Fradd, a popular Catholic speaker who says he has dedicated his life to fighting pornography, teamed up with Mark Hart and LifeTeen to develop an app designed to help young people overcome attraction to porn. (CNS) ‘Victory’ app aimed at helping young people suffering addiction to porn
Jun 04 2015
The app, Victory, is based on a calendar system where the user can mark the days they were victorious over porn, or had a setback, using colors.

War, greed, consumerism, ‘cult of appearance’ harm families, pope says
Jun 03 2015
Families are weakened and destroyed by war, “the mother of all forms of poverty,” pope says.

Church should make views on homosexuality understandable, says priest
May 29 2015
The Catholic Church needs to provide pastoral care for those with same-sex attraction and also make its teaching "accessible."

Family, parish community team for special first Communion
May 20 2015
In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”

Three graduation ceremonies in three days for parents of triplets
May 14 2015
For John Marbach and Sherry Pressler of Belle Mead, N.J., it will be a wild ride as their triplets graduate from three different universities.

From sons to Fathers: A mother’s perspective on vocations
May 09 2015
Stephanie Rubeling of Frederick has two sons pursuing the priesthood.

Dealing with the stresses of motherhood
May 09 2015
It’s no secret that mothers face a whole host of stresses.

Circus center ring becomes stage for death-defying feats and religion
May 03 2015
Brazilian trapeze artist Estefani Evans flies through the air above the center ring, mesmerizing the gasping spectators below.

In Baltimore, Catholics join efforts to heal, clean up, move forward
Apr 28 2015
As Baltimore City cleaned up after a night of riots and looting, Archbishop William E. Lori said the church’s place is to pray.

Technology helps second-grader prepare for first Communion
Apr 26 2015
Second-grader Taylor Garrison got the best birthday present ever April 12.