Family Life


A family that doesn't eat together is 'hardly a family,' pope says
Nov 11 2015
A family watches TV or plays with their smartphones rather than talk at the dinner table is "hardly a family," the pope said.

Families must forgive and not 'end the day in war,' pope says
Nov 04 2015
The secret to healing wounds among family members is to "not end the day in war" and to forgive one another, Pope Francis said.

'Unreliable:' Vatican spokesman challenges reporter claim pope approves Communion for all remarried who ask
Nov 03 2015
An Italian journalist's claim that Pope Francis told him all divorced who ask will be admitted to Communion was called 'unreliable.'

Women's right to maternity leave must be protected, pope says
Nov 02 2015
Businesses are called to promote harmony between work and family for their employees, especially for women with children, Pope Francis said.

Synod had difficult moments as it tried to proclaim truth, pope says
Oct 24 2015
Pope Francis framed differences among bishops as an opportunity for learning.

Synod report urges 'accompaniment' tailored to family situations
Oct 24 2015
Members of the Synod of Bishops presented a 94-paragraph report to Pope Francis.

Annual celebration helps parents cope with the loss of their babies
Oct 23 2015
Les Perseides, a lay organization, supports grieving parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or perinatal death.

Pope establishes new dicastery for laity, family, life
Oct 23 2015
Pope Francis announced he is establishing a new office for laity, family and life, which combines the responsibilities of two pontifical councils.

The deeper synod question: How should church relate to the wider world
Oct 22 2015
The synod highlighted the fact that the family is at the very heart of the church.

Breast cancer treatment included St. Agnes Hospital, prayer
Oct 21 2015
A mammogram didn’t catch the lump under Kathie Strobel’s breast – not even the one taken after she had discovered it in the shower.

Promises must be made in freedom, honored with sacrifice, says pope
Oct 21 2015
Bring honor back to keeping one's promises, which must be made in full freedom and kept by making sacrifices, Pope Francis said.

God's love is overabundant, limitless, pope says
Oct 20 2015
God is neither petty nor still; he goes out in search of people out of love, Pope Francis said.

Canonizing four saints, pope urges people to serve others with joy
Oct 19 2015
The parents of St. Therese of Lisieux were among the new saints canonized by Pope Francis Oct. 18.

Families have a mission in the church, archbishop says
Oct 16 2015
At the Synod of Bishops on the family, members agree that "the family is also meant to be an agent and instrument of mercy."

Synod calls for Bible-based presentation of God's plan for family
Oct 14 2015
Members of the Synod of Bishops called for a tone and for language that is clear and simple.