Connecting with “Mommy bloggers”
Jul 16 2012
In addition to working full time and raising children, Robyn Barberry and Rita Buettner write "Mommy blogs" for

Wit and wisdom: Focus on love, not worry
Jan 23 2012
Chose to let go of your past. We can choose to let go of the fears and worries as they arise.

Back to God
Oct 26 2011
Recently, a very saintly woman asked me what I thought of mediums – people who purport to make contact with those who have died, with those who have “passed over.” Being a practical philosopher and theologian by trade, and a lover of puns by personal preference, I responded: “It’s rare to find a medium that’s well done!” Ah, a pun worthy of my seminary classmate, Father Ron Ringrose.

Light for our Journey
Oct 21 2010
In addressing the need for reconfiguration of our parish schedules one principal driving force is the age and declining numbers of priests available to celebrate the large number of Masses – many of which are unnecessary given the current Mass attendance figures.

In Lent, become self-aware, not self-absorbed
Feb 25 2010
Lent is a time, not to hurt ourselves, but to die to ourselves so that we can live life to its fullest. Many of our penances – giving up sweets or cigarettes or alcohol, as well intentioned as they are – end up making us more self-absorbed. We are never so conscious of our tooth as when it is hurting. When a tooth is not bothering us, we’re hardly aware of having a head!

Bishop Tobin says he asked Rep. Kennedy privately not to receive Communion
Nov 23 2009
PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The bishop of Providence said he was “disappointed and really surprised” Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., made public a letter he wrote to the congressman almost three years ago about his practice of the Catholic faith and reception of Communion.

New leadership team will guide Oblates
Jul 31 2009
The year 2009 represents 180 years of love, service and dedication to the church community by the Oblate Sisters of Providence. The Africentric column of The Catholic Review highlighted the event with five articles on the historical happenings within the congregation.

Father Muckerman dies at 92; known for Catholic press work, ministry
May 23 2009
LIGUORI, Mo. – Redemptorist Father Norman Muckerman, a former editor of Liguorian magazine and a former president of the Catholic Press Association, died May 19 at St. Clement’s Health Care Center in Liguori after a long illness. He was 92.

Priest removed from parish and radio ministries over tabloid photos
May 09 2009
MIAMI – Father Alberto Cutie, administrator of St. Francis de Sales Parish in Miami Beach and general director and president of Pax Catholic Communications, was removed from his posts after photos of him with a woman on the beach were released by a tabloid magazine May 5.

Leading Voices on Schools
Mar 04 2009
In my column two weeks ago, I provided the text of the address I delivered last month at two separate meetings with parish and school leaders concerning the critical challenges facing our schools. In those remarks I presented an overview of the current state of our schools and an outline of the steps we are taking to address the immediate and long-term stability of Catholic education in our Archdiocese. I also articulated the following overarching goal of our efforts: “To make Catholic education as affordable and accessible to as many Catholic youngsters as possible as well as to non-Catholics in some of our more impoverished communities.”

Remarks of Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien at the Pastoral Consultations on Catholic Schools
Feb 17 2009
As previously reported, I met with the priests and school administrators of the Archdiocese this past week to discuss the challenges facing our schools and to seek their input as we begin the process of developing a long-term strategic plan for Catholic education in our Archdiocese. Their input was invaluable, and I will be sharing some of their suggestions in a future column. What follows are my remarks to the priests, which are very similar to those which I gave to our school presidents and principals two days later. I will provide similar updates throughout the process, which you can monitor through our website, .

Schools: An Update
Jan 21 2009
It has been nearly two months since I last wrote about the urgent problems facing Catholic schools in our Archdiocese. In my November 27 The Catholic Review column, I shared some of the critical challenges that now threaten the sustainability of many of our schools, including:

How to pick the right spouse
Aug 14 2008
Next to our choice of God, the most important choice most of us will make in life will be the choice of a marriage partner. The choice of a spouse will affect our physical, emotional and spiritual health, and to a large degree the health of our children and grandchildren. We will pass on to our descendents our dysfunctional and addictive traits (addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs), as well as our qualities of caring, commitment and character.

IRS issues guidelines to help nonprofits avoid complications
Jul 22 2007
WASHINGTON – The calendar might say that the next national elections are more than 15 months away but the Internal Revenue Service thinks it’s never too early for nonprofit organizations to start worrying about how political activity might affect their tax-exempt status.

New Palestinian Cabinet likely to succeed
Mar 21 2007
JERUSALEM – A Catholic Palestinian legislator praised the new Palestinian Cabinet and said it was likely to succeed. “This is a good start,” said Bernard Sabella, a Fatah member of the Palestinian Parliament. “In effect it is a government which combines the more practical and pragmatic elements of Fatah, the independents and second-rank Hamas” members. Fatah and Hamas are Palestinian political factions with radical members and representation in government.