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Feast of All Saints falls on a Saturday this year
Oct 29 2014
The Solemnity of All Saints, a feast day in the Catholic Church honoring saints known and unknown, is Nov. 1.

‘Don’t give up hope’: Archbishop responds to woman’s suicide plan
Oct 29 2014
Archbishop Alexander K. Sample of Portland says the Oregon law puts forward illusion and confusion.

Pope: Evolution, Big Bang do not push aside God, who set it in motion
Oct 29 2014
The Big Bang theory and evolution do not eliminate the existence of God, the pope said.

Pope urges activists to struggle against ‘structural causes’ of poverty
Oct 28 2014
“I’ve said and I repeat: a home for every family,” Pope Francis said. “Family and shelter go hand in hand.”

Calvert Hall grad’s gift includes honor for longtime math teacher
Oct 28 2014
Calvert Hall announced Oct. 28 a gift of more than $1.5 million from John G. Noppinger, class of 1964.

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Beyond the Bell: Seton Keough

Students of all grade levels may join Seton Keough's A Cappella group. Read the story:

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