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‘Who, me? Yes, you.’ Fess up to sins, stop judging others, pope says
Mar 02 2015
Drop the innocent look and the habit of judging others, Pope Francis said.

Father Hesburgh’s long shadow extended to Baltimore
Mar 02 2015
Father Theodore M. Hesburgh had considerable influence that was felt in Baltimore and among local Catholics.

Politician calls for coalition airstrikes to help Syrian Christians
Mar 02 2015
A prominent Syrian Christian political leader has called for U.S.-led coalition forces to use airstrikes to aid fellow Christian and Kurdish fighters.

During shroud display, Turin reaches out to women who have aborted
Feb 28 2015
With the aim of ensuring that the public display of the Shroud of Turin promotes conversion and healing, the archbishop of Turin has given priests throughout the archdiocese faculties to offer absolution to those women who have had an abortion.

Shroud of Turin helps deepen faith
Feb 28 2015
William Wingard calls the Shroud of Turin “made-to-order” for the new evangelization.


Beyond the Bell: Hugs from Lucie at Mercy High

At the sweet age of 16, Lucie Amrhein dreams of ways that she can save the world. To her, it’s one teddy bear at a time.
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