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World Youth Day 2016 in Poland will offer ‘Message of Mercy’
Mar 27 2015
A new airport, improved road and rail links, a fleet of dream buses and “Youth Bible” are among features projected for the Catholic Church’s 14th international celebration of World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, in 2016.

Pope joins homeless people for private tour of Sistine Chapel
Mar 27 2015
The 150 visitors had just reached the Sistine Chapel at about 5 p.m. March 26, when Pope Francis walked through the door.

President, first lady to welcome Pope Francis to White House Sept. 23
Mar 26 2015
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will welcome Pope Francis to the White House Sept. 23.

Pope says prayers, not ‘gossip,’ needed for successful synod on family
Mar 25 2015
No matter how weary, wounded or sinful a family has become, the church will always do everything to try to help, the pope said.

Papal aide organizes special Sistine Chapel tour for homeless people
Mar 25 2015
The papal almoner, an archbishop who distributes charitable aid from Pope Francis, planned a special afternoon for about 150 homeless people.

No ifs, ands or buts: Christians must live Christ’s way, pope says
Mar 24 2015
Don’t be “halfway Christians,” who accept Christ, but then start looking for excuses and stammering, “yes, but ...” when it is time to follow his way, Pope Francis said at a morning Mass.

Blood of Naples’ patron liquefies during pope’s visit to cathedral
Mar 23 2015
The blood of the fourth-century martyr, St. Januarius, is Naples’ most precious relic.

Pope preaches hope to Naples’ unemployed, immigrants, prisoners
Mar 23 2015
Hope is the first act of resistance to evil, Pope Francis told the people of Naples.

Future of humanity depends on protecting, sharing water, pope says
Mar 23 2015
The future of humanity depends on safeguarding and sharing potable water around the world, Pope Francis said.

In Holy Year, pope wants to share experience of mercy he had as teen
Mar 20 2015
Pope Francis’ decision to convoke a special Holy Year of Mercy has its roots in the event that led a teen-age Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the priesthood.