Vatican News


Ignore the church schedule and serve the people, pope tells deacons
May 30 2016
Deacons are called to be servants who set aside their own self-serving plans and are generous with their lives, Pope Francis said.

Fatima Facts: Vatican shepherds the flock away from conspiracy claims
May 26 2016
The publication of “The Message of Fatima” in 2000 included a photocopy of the text handwritten in 1944 by Sister Lucia dos Santos.

Vatican bank supervisory members step down over management differences
May 25 2016
Two members of the Vatican bank’s board of supervisors handed in their resignation over a difference in opinion concerning the bank’s management.

Sainthood sometimes includes biting your tongue, pope says
May 24 2016
“Bite your tongue a little. Your tongue will swell up a bit, but your spirit will be holier,” the pope said.

‘The meeting is the message,’ pope tells head of al-Azhar
May 23 2016
After five years of tension, Pope Francis and the grand imam of one of the most important Sunni Muslim universities in the world embraced at the Vatican.

Pope Benedict denies latest rumors about Fatima ‘secret’
May 23 2016
The Vatican communique said: “In this regard, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI declares ‘never to have spoken with Professor Dollinger about Fatima ..."

Pope rules Vatican review needed to set up diocesan religious order
May 20 2016
Diocesan bishops must consult with the Vatican before establishing a diocesan religious order, Pope Francis ruled.

Those who exploit for cheap labor are bloodsucking leeches, pope says
May 20 2016
Human traffickers and unjust business owners who become wealthy by exploiting others for cheap labor commit mortal sin, Pope Francis said.

In French interview, pope talks about religious freedom, abuse crisis
May 17 2016
Governments work best when they are secular, not confessional, but they must give ample space for people to express their religious beliefs, including by respecting the right of conscientious objection, Pope Francis told the French Catholic newspaper La Croix.

Pope tells women religious Vatican will study women deacons
May 12 2016
Pope Francis told the heads of women’s religious orders that he would set up a commission to study the New Testament deaconesses.