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Cardinal Pell rules out change on Communion for divorced, remarried
Sep 18 2014
In a book coming out just before October’s extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family, Cardinal George Pell rules out proposed changes to church practice that would allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

Doctrinal wars? Both sides fire over Communion for divorced, remarried
Sep 18 2014
The extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family will not open until Oct. 5, but some of its most prominent members are already publicly debating.

Pope: Don’t leave home without it; take Gospel on the go, to the world
Sep 17 2014
Tuck the Gospel in your pocket and put on your walking shoes to share Christ’s love, Pope Francis said.

Pope: People have yet to learn that war is madness, indifference a sin
Sep 16 2014
When will people ever learn that war is madness and conflicts are only resolved by forgiveness, Pope Francis asked.

At wedding, pope says spouses make each other better men and women
Sep 15 2014
Presiding over the wedding of 20 couples in St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Francis celebrated marriage as the union of a man and woman.

Students, others lead efforts to persuade pope to visit Detroit in 2015
Sep 14 2014
A grass-roots effort is underway to persuade Pope Francis to come to Detroit.

Rome’s Non-Catholic Cemetery is also a resting place for the living
Sep 14 2014
A few steps away from Rome’s traffic jams, blaring sirens and sticky heat, the city’s Non-Catholic Cemetery is a garden of breezes and greenery.

Vatican says pope will visit Turkey in November
Sep 12 2014
The Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis is planning to visit Turkey “in the last days of November."

Couples with kids, cohabitating are among those marrying at papal Mass
Sep 11 2014
Among the men and women Pope Francis was set to unite in marriage were Catholics who have been living together as well as couples who already have children.