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Due to unsafe travel conditions in Baltimore archdiocese, Catholics excused from attending Mass
Jan 22 2016
Catholics are excused from the obligation to attend Mass due to a grave cause, such as unsafe travel due to severe weather conditions.

Archbishop Kelly, retired Louisville archbishop, dead at 80
Dec 16 2011
LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly, who led the Archdiocese of Louisville from 1982 until his retirement in 2007, died peacefully in his sleep on the morning of Dec. 14 at his home on the campus of Holy Trinity Church. He was 80.

Religious advocacy measured less in dollars than in effectiveness
Dec 04 2011
WASHINGTON – The degree to which religiously based organizations push for change in Washington will likely always be open to debate and differing interpretations, but the truer measure may be their effectiveness, even in the midst of a cranky Congress dealing with cash-short coffers.

US Melkite bishop urges study of ordaining married men as priests
Nov 19 2011
WASHINGTON – To address a shortage of priests in his nationwide eparchy, the Melkite Catholic bishop of Newton, Mass., is exploring the possibility of ordaining married men as priests.

Bishops’ agenda more devoted to internal matters than to societal ills
Nov 06 2011
WASHINGTON – The U.S. bishops’ fall general assembly in Baltimore will be shorter than usual and focus primarily on the inner workings of the church than on larger societal issues.

Father Pavone seeks mediation with bishop of Amarillo, Texas
Oct 19 2011
WASHINGTON – Saying that communication has broken down between Bishop Patrick J. Zurek of Amarillo, Texas, and himself, pro-life activist Father Frank Pavone is seeking mediation to resolve differences stemming from questions over the financial operations of Priests for Life.

Honduran bishop to run for office because politics ‘screwed the poor’
Oct 12 2011
JESUS DE OTORO, Honduras – The “Red Bishop” of Honduras says he will run for president of the Central American nation if he gets permission from Pope Benedict XVI.

Archbishop Hannan, Baltimore assistant pastor and Kennedy counselor, dies at 98
Sep 29 2011
NEW ORLEANS – Retired Archbishop Philip M. Hannan of New Orleans, a World War II paratroop chaplain who befriended and secretly counseled John F. Kennedy during and after his historic run for the White House as the first U.S. Catholic president, died Sept. 29 at age 98.

Our Collaboration Continues
Sep 22 2011
Since the announcement of my new appointment as pro-grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem (and eventual departure from the Archdiocese of Baltimore), there have been many questions asked about how this news impacts my plans and priorities, specifically those related to the reorganization of parishes.

New Savannah bishop, one-time Curley High principal, introduced to his diocese
Jul 21 2011
SAVANNAH, Ga. – The Conventual Franciscan pastor who will become Savannah’s bishop Oct. 18 observed at his introduction July 19 that it will take a helicopter to reach the far-flung ends of the diocese.

Archbishop Chaput succeeds Cardinal Rigali; former Curley principal named Savannah bishop
Jul 19 2011
WASHINGTON – Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput will succeed Cardinal Justin Rigali as archbishop of Philadelphia.

Blogging for clarity: Fides launches site for Chinese Catholics
Jul 17 2011
VATICAN CITY – Sometimes the need for delicacy in handling politically sensitive situations conflicts with the need of the faithful to have clear guidance. That’s what seems to be going on with the Vatican’s China policy, particularly surrounding the ordination in June of a bishop without papal approval.

Order accuses Father Corapi of sexual, financial wrongdoing, falsehoods
Jul 05 2011
WASHINGTON – Father John A. Corapi was involved in “years of cohabitation” with a former prostitute, repeated abuse of alcohol and drugs and “serious violation” of his promise of poverty, according to a fact-finding team appointed by his religious order.

Laity has its say in parish planning process
Jun 29 2011
Make better use of social media to spread good news that is millennia old.

At Caritas assembly, Vatican to address ‘Catholic identity’ issue
May 09 2011
VATICAN CITY – The general assembly of Caritas Internationalis in late May is shaping up as a defining moment for the confederation of 165 national Catholic charities, at a time when the Vatican is insisting on greater control over Caritas operations.