Guest Commentary

These opinion columns have been submitted to the Catholic Review from various guest columnists. 


Form and chaos
Mar 21 2017
In the Catholic imagination, the God who created the heavens and the earth brought an order out of primordial chaos.

Lent and the culture of greed
Feb 28 2017
Our church talks often about a “culture of death,” but we need to hear more about our society’s “culture of greed.”

Love and mercy in politics
Feb 16 2017
Catholics advancing social justice sometimes wonder: Will my efforts have a lasting impact? Am I building God’s kingdom or will all of this be wiped away?

You can lead a boy to homework, but you can’t make him think
Feb 02 2017
You can lead a boy to homework, but you can’t make him think. Sooner or later, every parent makes this discovery. How then, is a concerned parent going to find the ignition switch that will start the learning engine that lies hidden between the ears of his or her developing child?

Being Catholic first
Jan 24 2017
And as usual, Catholics’ tendency to pick the winner raises a question: Are we leading the country or following the crowd? Does our faith make us different?

Making St. Valentine’s Day a year-round commitment
Jan 12 2017
What are some better ways to mark the occasion, to tell family members and friends “I love you”?

Hell for 75 cents
Jan 01 2017
We all know that one who can be trusted in small things is the one who can be trusted in large. Perhaps she who is honest in small sums saves the world’s integrity, piece by piece.

How to spot fake news
Dec 01 2016
If you are one of the many Americans who get most of your news on Facebook, please stop right now.

The wonder of words
Nov 14 2016
Language truly is a wonderful tool, and the love-driven process of constructing sentences enables us to understand one another, build bridges and progress toward common, good goals.

The beauty of human sexuality
Oct 28 2016
In an age of porn and sleaze, the need for a deepened respect for the positive aspects of human sexuality is real. In marriage, the desire to give one’s self to the delight of the beloved is a sign of Christian holiness.