Fruits of a well-rounded education at Cristo Rey
May 27 2016
By conducting research, aggregating information and formulating arguments, the students engaged in an experience that they will duplicate, in some form, many times over as they progress through college and become professionals.

Our Back Pages: Our Daily Bread opened its doors 35 years ago
May 27 2016
Our Daily Bread has served more than 7.4 million meals over what will be 12,785 consecutive days of outreach come June 1.

At Hiroshima, urging peace and an end to materialism
May 26 2016
“Man’s fate has forever been shaped between the hands of reason and spirit, now in collaboration, again in conflict. Now reason and spirit meet on final ground. If either or anything is to survive, they must find a way to create an indissoluble partnership.”

Why "Last Days in the Desert" is so boring
May 24 2016
With his latest film, Last Days in the Desert, Rodrigo Garcia has accomplished something truly remarkable. He has taken a portion of the life of the single most compelling person who has ever lived and turned it into a colossally boring movie.

Feast of heaven and earth
May 23 2016
Does our understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist change as we receive over time? Do we ever take this extraordinary gift for granted? Do we feel changed, not just by that first intimate encounter with the Eucharist, but every time?

Archbishop Lori's Homily - Trinity Sunday
May 23 2016
St. Clare gives us good advice in our busy distracted lives when she says, “We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become.

Rooting for servant leadership in upcoming election
May 16 2016
Wouldn’t it be great if the idea of servant leadership found its way into the party platforms as well as the minds and hearts of the candidates who emerge from the conventions hoping to occupy the White House next January?

Archbishop Lori’s homily: Pentecost
May 16 2016
On this Pentecost Sunday, coming as it does within the Year of Mercy, let us resolve to make a good, thorough, unburdening confession soon.

Father, should I take chemotherapy?
May 12 2016
At any time, facing any challenge in life, nurturing joy in our hearts is our best defense against diseases of the mind, body or spirit.

Our Back Pages: Exiled nuns from France found refuge in Baltimore
May 11 2016
A community of religious sisters whose ministry focused on continuously praying the rosary found refuge in Baltimore 113 years ago this month after being expelled from France in a clash between church and state.

Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Solemnity of the Ascension
May 09 2016
In a sense, the Apostles and disciples were like catechumens whom the Lord was instructing and evangelizing, to get them to a point where they could experience his presence in a new and powerful way: namely, through baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Amen: Reconciling with reconciliation
May 09 2016
The sacrament gives me access to God’s mercy while the sometimes less-than-optimal logistics of procuring it is motivation to stay on the straight and narrow.

Nourishing family life
May 05 2016
The same love and care we strive to give a spouse should be given to the hurting member of our church.

A tip of the hat to former seminarians
May 04 2016
Among those who walked that seminary trail for a time, some truly are dedicated laymen who serve the church and society in many, many ways over many, many years