Rita Buettner

Meet Rita Buettner:

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” After struggling with infertility, my husband and I were blessed to adopt our two sons from China. I’m a working mother who writes about family fun and faith. Oh, and I own hundreds of flyswatters. Join me on Twitter, say hello at openwindowcr@gmail.com, or follow me on Facebook

Robyn Barberry

Robyn Barberry is the doting wife of her high school sweetheart, the mother of three precocious boys, and the art teacher at St. Joan of Arc school in Aberdeen.

Patti Murphy Dohn

Mrs. Patti Murphy Dohn recently retired after 33 years of service as Campus Minister and Religion teacher at The John Carroll School in Bel Air, MD. Committed to making a difference in the lives of our youth and their families, she served the school community since 1981.

Patti was awarded the Medal of Honor in Youth and Young Adult Ministry by the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 2012.  

Patti Murphy Dohn continues her service to the Archdiocese on the Screening Board for the Office of Vocations. She was previously a board member for the Msgr. O'Dwyer Retreat House in Sparks, MD. and St. Margaret School in Bel Air.

Along with writing for "The Catholic Review," Patti is a member of the Catholic Press Association, as well as the Catholic Writers Guild and the Associated Church Press.

Patti Murphy Dohn is available for speaking engagements and retreat work. 

She can be reached at: pattimurphydohn@gmail.com

Twitter: @JCSMinistry

God is good!! All the time!!

Christopher Gunty

Gunty is associate publisher/editor of the Catholic Review.

Wendy Stewart

Wendy Stewart is a native of Baltimore and an adult convert to the Catholic Church. As a life coach and personal trainer, she works with families, children, and singles to bring together all aspects of their lives to be happy and healthy in body, mind and spirit. You can contact her for individual or group coaching at http://wendystewartwellness.com or nutritioncoachwendy@yahoo.com.

Dr. H. P. Bianchi

Dr. H. P. Bianchi is an assistant professor of history at a local community college, where he teaches courses on Western Civilization and Asian history. He received his master’s degree in modern German history from the University of Connecticut and his doctorate from The Catholic University of America. His research focuses on the question of secularization in Britain and the United States.

Dr. Bianchi is happily married and the father of two boys. When not working, you might find him perusing one of his interests in gardening, disc golf, hiking, cooking and traveling.

Paul McMullen

Paul McMullen is managing editor of the Catholic Review.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams is the Web editor for the Catholic Review.

Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer is the former social media coordinator of Catholic Review Media.

George Matysek

George P. Matysek Jr. is the assistant managing editor of The Catholic Review in Baltimore.

Recent Comments

If you don't like worshiping with children, I am sure that you can find many parishes that have few or no young families. Enjoy them while you can, for they will be closing soon.


I have three children and we are at Mass every week. One jumps at the opportunity to head to Children's Liturgy of the Word, the older one prefers to stay in Mass to listen (he makes his First Communion in a few weeks), and the youngest stays with us, as well. It is quite disheartening to see this many negative comments about being "where we belong." We belong at church, in Mass, learning how, despite our many imperfections, we are loved and welcomed by God unconditionally. We do not go to the Children's Chapel where many children are left to run and yell and we do not seek to be "friends" to our children. We are there to grow and learn-along with everyone else at Mass, young and old.