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One of the most-honored publications in the Catholic press, the Catholic Review has been in circulation since 1913. It succeeded The Catholic Mirror, which began publishing in 1850.  

Now a glossy monthly magazine, the Catholic Review reaches more than 300,000 adult readers monthly. The magazine is home delivered four times a year via the U.S. Postal Service and at Masses in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore the other eight months. Additionally, attracts an average of 30,000 unique visitors monthly and an electronic newsletter is sent out to more than 1,600 people.

Our readers are loyal and have come to trust and respect the Catholic Review for its insightful coverage of news and issues important to family and community and also because it provides information they cannot find elsewhere. Our readers continue to indicate that they place the Catholic Review first among advertising outlets they can trust.

In addition to our regular content covering local, national, and world news; health and well-being; entertainment; education; and age-specific information, throughout the year the Catholic Review treats its readers to supplements and special sections on dining, wedding and event planning, retirement living, getaways, home improvement and more!

Catholic Review readers are active, well educated, high income consumers with strong buying power. Every issue of the Catholic Review is a unique opportunity for advertisers to successfully reach these active consumers.

    Gender & Age

        Female: 51%

        Male: 49%

        Median Age: 57

    Level of Education

        Master Degree: 14%

        Some Graduate Studies: 22%

        College Degree: 37%

        Some College: 47%

    Household Income                                

        > $60,000: 32.7%

        $60,000 - $74,999: 11.6%

        $75,000+: 55.7%

        Avg. Household Income: $101,273

    Community Involvement

        Voted in last election: 92.4%

        Wrote to elected public official: 35.7%

        Attended a church retreat: 45.1%

        Helped in religious education: 35.5%

        Active on parish council: 26.6%

        Active on school council:10.9%

    Reader Loyalty

        Subscriber for more than 15 yrs.: 20.1%

        Subscriber for Over 5 Yrs: 54.5%

        Average subscription length: 9.4 years

        Read every issue: 78.2%

        Read at least 3 of 4 Issues: 89.3%

        Share subscription with others:45.1%


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Blake McCoy, account executive

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2.2475 x 5.3525


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No crop marks, no registration. PDFs should be made to exact size.

Black and White line art should be saved at 600dpi bitmap. All black text should be 100% black.

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